Supply Chain News

Image Source: Hg-marigny Via Wikimedia Commons

Hemp Farmers, Businesses Face Growing Pains of Overproduction »

January 16, 2020
Image Source: USDA via Wikimedia Commons

Largest Industrial Hemp Processing Facility in the U.S. to be Built in Texas »

December 10, 2019
Image Source: Jose Lomah via Wikimedia Commons

Feds Finally Crafting National CBD Rules »

November 15, 2019
Vermont Hemp Growers Federal Regulations
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Vermont hemp growers in a ‘panic’ over proposed federal regulations »

November 06, 2019
Hemp Textiles in US Will Take Time
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Hemp Textiles Made in U.S. Will Take Time, Experts Say »

August 05, 2019
Cannabis Supply Chain Certification
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US Firm Launches Cannabis Supply Chain Certification »

June 28, 2019
Growers Hope Standards Bring Order to Hemp Industry
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Growers Hope Standards Bring Order to Hemp Industry ‘Mess’ »

June 14, 2019
States Can't Block Legal Hemp Shipments
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States Can’t Block Legal Hemp Shipments within Their Borders, USDA Says »

May 28, 2019
Fixing Bottleneck Slowing Hemp/CBD Boom
Image Source: U.S. Department Of Agriculture

Pulling the Cork Out of the Processing Bottleneck Slowing the Hemp/CBD Boom »

April 30, 2019
Farmers Can Import Hemp Seeds
Image Source: Erik Fenderson Via Wikimedia Commons

USDA Clarifies that Farmers can Import Hemp Seeds from Other Countries »

April 19, 2019
Farmers Struggle to Keep Up With Industrial Hemp Demands
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CBD is Booming. But US Farmers Struggle to Keep Up with Demand for Industrial Hemp »

March 23, 2019
Farm Bill Allows Interstate Hemp Supply Chain
Image Source: Joseph Madden Via Wikimedia Commons

2018 Farm Bill Allows Interstate Hemp Supply Chain »

January 31, 2019
Hemp Supply Chain Can Get Traceability Right
Image Source: Aleks Via Wikimedia Commons

The Hemp Supply Chain Has a Rare Chance To Get Traceability Right »

December 21, 2018
Hawaii Issues First Hemp Growing Licenses
Image Source: Michelle Maria Via Wikimedia Commons

Hawaii Issues its First Licenses for Hemp Growers in the Islands »

July 06, 2018