April 2022 Hemp Spot Price Index Report

April 27, 2022

The overall assessed price for CBD Biomass was unchanged from March to April. Despite some month-on-month shifts, April’s assessed aggregate price for CBD biomass is off only marginally from the trailing six-month average. It remains to be seen whether 2021’s significantly smaller harvest relative to previous years and biomass from 2019 and 2020 becoming unmarketable will work to lift prices as the spring and summer wear on.    

Prices for CBD extracts were largely stable this month, with numerous product categories even seeing small gains. However, the assessed price for THC Free CBD Distillate dropped significantly again this month.     

Prices for all types of genetics were down this month, as growers in some parts of the country are already planting and others in more northerly latitudes have likely made arrangements for seeds or clones already at this point. Prices for CBD Clones and Feminized Seeds remained up year-on-year, while observed prices for industrial seeds were flat compared to a year ago.    

Delta-8 & Delta-10 THC Distillate*

The observed price for Delta-8 THC Distillate declined for the tenth consecutive month, slipping 7% from March to average $634 per kilogram this month. The low end of the reported price range fell to $400 per kilogram. The high end of the observed price range also declined, to $850 per kilogram.  

Delta-10 THC Distillate averaged $2,105 per kilogram in April, down 1% from March, when we observed a 10% month-on-month downturn. Prices for delta-10 THC have fallen each month after Hemp Benchmarks began reporting them in October 2021, but the downtrend was moderated this month. Observed deals for delta-10 THC ranged between $1,100 and $2,500 per kilogram this month, with the low end of the range seeing a $200 month-on-month increase.  

Smokable Hemp Flower

Assessed prices for indoor and greenhouse-grown smokable CBD Flower rose this month. Outdoor flower’s price decreased slightly after a 16% jump in March.

Indoor-Grown CBD Flower (Bulk)

  • Average: Up 9% from March
  • The average price is 128% higher than the overall CBD Flower spot price. 

Greenhouse-Grown CBD Flower (Bulk)

  • Average Up 8% from March
  • The average price is 67% higher than the overall CBD Flower spot price. 

Outdoor-Grown CBD Flower (Bulk)

  • Average: Down 3% from March
  • The average price is 37% lower than the overall CBD Flower spot price.

Smokable CBG Flower* prices fell 18% this month. After relative stability in the latter months of 2021, prices for this product type continued to decline this year, falling well below the overall price for smokable CBD flower after several months of the two being comparable. 

CBN Isolate*

The average observed price for CBN Isolate in April was $3,377 per kilogram, down about 1% from March. Individual transactions were reported to span between $2,600 and $4,000 per kilogram this month. The high end of the observed price range dropped $200 month-on-month, after plummeting by $1,800 in March.  

[*Editor’s Note: The prices quoted above for Delta-8 THC Distillate, Delta-10 THC Distillate, Smokable CBG Flower, and CBN Isolate are raw transaction data and do not constitute official Hemp Benchmarks price assessments. Transaction data for such products is currently being vetted to meet Hemp Benchmarks methodology requirements, which include, but are not limited to, several months of statistically significant data and consistent or increasing transaction volume.]

Hemp Price Commentary

CBD Biomass, smokable flower, and extract prices relatively stable, with only small monthly shifts; Delta-8 THC price erosion continues; Delta-10 THC and CBN Isolate pricing more stable

April Hemp Production Update

Early signs point to another year of declining CBD hemp production, as grain and fiber sectors continue to make headway gradually

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Hemp Transportation Update

Shipping costs largely on the rise from March to April, according to Fide Freight

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Hemp Industry and Research Updates

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