Hemp Spot Price Index


The Hemp Benchmarks® Spot Price Index Report is the most comprehensive pricing and regulatory information source for the rapidly growing and evolving U.S. hemp industry.

Our mission is to provide our customers with insight into the U.S. hemp market by delivering unbiased and independent price reporting and analysis of this evolving industry.

With the Hemp Benchmarks® Spot Price Index Report subscription, you will gain access to the HEMPBENCHMARKS.COM™ platform containing our monthly wholesale product pricing across 16+ categories of products, exclusive analysis and commentary, as well as historical pricing and trends.

Jump start your hemp market research with the Hemp Benchmarks® Spot Price Index Report, your source for the most timely and reliable information regarding market fundamentals, supply & demand analysis, and regulatory changes in a volatile commodity market.

Hemp Spot Price Index Report Subscriptions are for a 12-month term that can be paid in 12 monthly payments or 1 annual payment.

Monthly Payment

$150.00 / month
  • Access to the current monthly edition of the Hemp Benchmarks® Spot Price Index Report

Annual Payment

$1500.00 / year (Save $300!!)
  • Access to the current monthly edition of the Hemp Benchmarks® Spot Price Index Report
  • Access to historical report archive
  • Exclusive Analysis and Interactive Charts*
(*Interactive charts currently in beta testing.)

Product Contents

Monthly Price Assessments for over 14 hemp and hemp-derived product categories, including:

  • CBD Biomass
  • CBG Biomass
  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Clones
  • CBD Seeds
  • CBD Isolate
  • Crude CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • THC Free CBD Oil
  • Industrial Seeds
  • CBG Seeds
  • CBG Clones
  • CBG Distillate
  • CBG Isolate

Included in the September Hemp Benchmarks Spot Price Index Report:

  • September U.S. Hemp Product Price Assessments
  • Latin America Hemp Product Prices
  • Impact of Weather Conditions Across the Country
  • September Hemp Transportation Cost Analysis
  • Major Federal Regulation Updates
  • State Licensing and Planted Acreage Updates
  • Commentary & Analysis highlighting major factors impacting wholesale hemp product pricing
  • Exclusive data from State Departments of Agriculture regarding licensing, planting, harvesting and extraction
  • Comprehensive State & Federal Regulatory Decisions and Rulings impacting your current and future operations

Key Benefits

Quickly understand the U.S. hemp market and identify wholesale prices are for over 14 categories of products
Build greater confidence around your pricing strategy with unbiased market reporting
Recognize trends and opportunities by observing pricing activity across multiple product categories
Evaluate and compare competing investment opportunities
Value assets for taxes, acquisition, or divestiture using impartial price reporting
Develop effective purchasing strategies and scheduling based on the Fair Market Value (FMV) of products
Use benchmark prices for forward contracts to minimize risk


“Your reports are mandatory reading for our team. Each report keeps us more informed than 90% of the industry.”

– Hemp Product Supply Company

“Thank you for the work you put into creating these reports. I have not found any other source that is as unbiased, reliable, and timely.”

– Farming & Extraction Company

“I love seeing the statistics your organization collects. The info is great for keeping the Hemp Industry in Washington State informed.”

– Washington State Department of Agriculture

“In my research I’ve made extensive use of your reports. As a data-focused person working in the hemp industry I greatly appreciate the resource you have developed.”

– Hemp Business Consultant

“Hemp Benchmarks® is an important resource for the industry. I appreciate all the work that goes into making your reports.”

– AgroEconomics Professor

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