Kansas: State Agriculture Officials Turn to Public for Input on New Hemp Production Regulations

Kansas Looks for Public Input on Hemp Regulations
Image Source: Kgwo 1972 Via Wikimediacommons
May 14, 2018

The Kansas Department of Agriculture plans to have its draft regulations on growing hemp in the state completed by July 1, and to start issue growing licenses in early 2019.

But in the interim Kansas officials are holding public meetings around the state, to get feedback from potential hemp growers there.

“Please don’t be frustrated if our answer is, ‘We don’t know yet,’ because that’s part of why we’ve asked you to come so we can figure out what we need to figure out,” Chad Bontrager, Kansas Agribusiness Service director, said during a recent meeting.

According to KCRU radio, some farmers in Kansas are interested in hemp as an alternative to other crops: including corn, soy beans and wheat.

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